Invest Review 20200427

I'm buying Banks. DBS, OCBC and UOB. The best time to buy was in late Mar, but now is still good. You can do both investing or long-term trading with Bank stocks.

1. DBS - Buy at $18.90, Stop at $18.35

2. OCBC - Buy at $8.75, Stop at $8.45

3. UOB - Buy at 19.75, Stop at 19.20

3 thoughts on “Invest Review 20200427

  1. Hi the price of banks is now above the buy price. How would you manage the positions for investment and long term trading? Will you move your stops? Interested to find out more about your approach.

    • The buy price is based on the market pulls back and then form a support before going up. This is what traders called a swing trade. You can buy again when the market pulls back again and form another support. As I’m a long-term trader for bank stocks, I’ll only sell when it hit 3 years high or it come back to stop me out. My stop is fixed unless I want to take profit. So there is only 2 outcome, either the market stop me out, which my loss is minimum or I exit with huge profit at 3 years high.

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