Invest Review 20200408

Now is a good time to start looking for stocks for investment. Currently, I'm looking for REITs for dividend investing.

Below are some of the REITs I recommend for dividend investment.

1. Ascendas Reit - $2.77 - Dividend Yield 7.09% per annual.

2. Ascott Reit - $0.780 - Dividend Yield 9.76% per annual.

3. CapitaMall Trust - $1.70 - Dividend Yield 7.04% per annual.

4. CapitaR China Tr - $1.35 - Dividend Yield 7.33% per annual.

5. Frasers L&I Tr - $0.915 - Dividend Yield 7.65% per annual.

6. Mapletree NAC Tr - $0.835 - Dividend Yield 9.00% per annual.

7. OUE Com Reit - $0.350 - Dividend Yield 7.94% per annual.

8. Suntec Reit - $1.22 - Dividend Yield 7.79% per annual.

5 thoughts on “Invest Review 20200408

  1. Hi when looking for investment stocks, how do you determine when to enter and once entered, do you put stop loss? Thanks for your sharing!! Hope to see more content coming soon.

    • When investing, I’ll wait for price to falls below 200MA before I would consider buying the stock. Yes, I do have a stop loss for all my investment stocks. Thank you.

  2. Hi, trying to understand on why is stop loss needed for investment stocks? As they are fundamentally good stocks, shouldn’t we be buying more as the price falls instead of cut loss? Thank you.

    • Stop loss needed or not depends on your strategy. My strategy is to buy investment stocks at the lowest price possible. So, if I’m wrong, I’ll exit and enter again at a better price.

      Averaging down has two issues. 1. We don’t know how low the stock is going to fall, so by keep averaging down, you’ll will need a lot more capital. 2. Averaging down only gives you the average price, it’s an inefficient use of your capital.

      • Thanks for your reply. Do you have any recommended books/website to learn more about proper investing?

        Eagerly expecting for valuable learning contents in your website on investment and trading. Thank you.

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