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Alex Chia:

“Wow, Alex! How did you do that?” Ask Andrew, an old friend of mine.

I was confused, so I asked back, “What do you mean?”

“Your trade! How did you build an income source from trading futures? That was great.”

At that moment, as he tried to figure out my trade, all I could do was smile. I’ve done this many times and this is already part of my life.

I thought to myself.

How did I create this income generating strategy for Futures Trading?

I learned everything the hard way, through years of trading, mistakes, trials and errors. I paid my dues, in tens of thousands of dollars, to acquire the skills I possess today.

I’ve done scalping, swing trading and also position trading. Traded stocks, currencies and futures.

Overtime, I’ve developed a strategy for myself, called Alpha Futures Trading Strategy. It helps me to generate trading income from the futures market.

If you’re here, reading this page, then you probably are someone who wants to earn more and be more, for your family and yourself. Whatever reason that brought you here, I welcome you.

Trading is simple, but not easy.

When I was a newbie, I naively thought that trading was easy. Just click a few buttons and I’ll make money… but this is not true. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Yes, trading is simple, click a few buttons and you are already trading. But to win in trading, that is not easy.

To be successful in trading, you’ll need proper training, a proven plan and lots of discipline.

Why 95% of all traders fail? 

Because they lack proper training, plan or discipline. Some may win at the beginning, but they always lose everything in the end. They thought that they knew enough, but they got wiped out by things that they don’t yet know.

If you’ve no training, no plan and no discipline, you are going to lose, again and again. This is reality.

But things don’t have to be like this.

Why do I teach Futures Trading?

I decided to teach Futures Trading after discovering these:

Wouldn’t it be great if you've the skill to generate income and grow your wealth?

You know what’s the difference between a winning trader and a losing trader?

The winning trader has the correct knowledge, a good trading plan and the discipline to follow through his plan.

Are you ready to be this person?


What is the Futures Market?

The futures market is a 24 hour, centralised market, where you can trade commodities and other futures contracts. In the futures market, you can trade indices, precious metals, energy, agriculture, currencies, and US treasuries.

Why trade Futures?

The futures market is one of the biggest markets in the world. It is a fair, transparent and efficient system. It is the no.1 choice of professional traders, due to its high liquidity, fixed upfront cost, leveraged products and trading flexibility. You can go long or short and make money fast.

Is trading Futures risky?

Not when you’re properly trained and have a proven trading plan. Our trading strategy is designed to minimise your risk and maximise your profit. You only start trading after you understand the market and have a proper risk management strategy.

Is trading Futures expensive?

We’ll always start with the micro contracts, which range between US$265 and US$1,350 per contract. You can start with just US$3,000, but I would recommend starting with US$5,000. If you’re okay with this amount, then you can consider trading futures.

Why do I trade Futures?

Hi, my name is Alex.

I’ve been trading futures for over 10 years and I’m loving it. Here are the reasons why? First, it gives me the freedom that I would otherwise not get, working for others. Second, it gives me the confidence to continue generating income, even after I retire. Third, I can spend more time with my loved ones and do more activities that I love.

Lastly, I hope that trading futures can do the same for you as well.

Alex Chia

How did I start trading futures?

In 1999, I opened my first trading account. Back then, I didn’t know anything about trading, so I just bought any-o-how. Whatever counter I came across, I bought them without thinking much.

Just like what you have expected, I lost all my capital within months.

One day I decided that I must change the way I trade and invest.

So, I started learning the correct way of trading and investing. I learned them the hard way, through books, self-testing and many many mistakes. It took me lots of hard knocks to master trading and investing. Slowly but surely, spotting trading opportunities became easy to me and trading became part of my life.

During those years, I traded Stocks, Forex, and Futures; in different exchanges around the world, from Singapore to the US to Hong Kong.

Soon, I became a full-time professional futures trader and I love it. Futures is the best market I ever traded in. I traded Dow Jones Index, Gold, Crude Oil and other futures contracts.

Today, I specialise in Futures Trading and Stock Investing.

By the way, you can do this too.

All these are learnable. What you need is just the right education and a little bit of guidance.

Once you master these skills, you too can make money from the Futures Market.

Our trading strategy is tested and proven. It does NOT require a lot of time, money or effort. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day is all you need.

Trading is a way to generate income and build our wealth. It may not be the conventional way, but it’s a legitimate and noble way of achieving financial freedom.

This isn’t just about making money, it’s about living a better life, a freer life and a life full of abundances. People who are financially free have more time with their loved ones and do the things they love.

Futures Trading is a skill that can change your life. If you want to build a new income source and grow your wealth, then this might be the most important skill for you. 

Learn to trade...

Dow Jones Index

Precious Metals

Crude Oil



US Treasuries
10-Year T-Note

What is Alpha Futures Trader?

Alpha Futures Trader is an online course, plus email coaching, on Futures Trading. It shows you, step-by-step, how to successfully trade in the Futures Market. The online course contains video lessons, exercises and downloadable files. All you’ve to do is watch the video lessons, do the exercises, download the files and follow the coaching instructions.

In this course, you'll learn how to...

Even if you’re a newbie, with no knowledge on trading or the Futures Market, you can still join us. We’ll still guide you along the way, from the very basic to the most complex. Our Alpha Futures Trader is a step-by-step guide, designed for beginners and all.

When you become a member, you become a member for life. You’ll have full access to all our recorded videos, articles and files, even those that are created later.




Generate Income from Futures Trading


Online Course & Email Coaching

Our Trades...

We traded Dow Futures and made a profit of $2,091.50, a 203% return, in 25 days.
We traded Gold and made a profit of $1,367, a 130% return, in 6 days.
We traded Crude Oil and made a profit of $1,774, a return of 156% return, in 14 days.

What's inside the Alpha Futures Trader?

Online Course

Our online course is a modular system, designed to help you get started with Futures Trading. 

You can go through the lessons in the recommended order or jump to the section that interests you most. The course is structured to start from the most basic to the most complex. All you’ve to do is watch the video, download the files and do the exercises.

  • Opening your futures trading account.
  • Set your goal, objective and priority.
  • Set the basic information for your trading plan.
  • Determine your risk tolerance level and capital allocation.
  • Learn the basics of Futures Market.
  • Where to get information.
  • How to read Futures Contracts.
  • Learn the basics of chart reading.
  • How candlestick is formed and reading price action.
  • Understand how the market moves.
  • Predicting price movement.
  • Using chart indicators.
  • Drawing on your charts.
  • The basics of a trade.
  • The different type of orders.
  • Placing, editing and cancelling orders.
  • The small swing, a high success rate trading strategy
  • The big swing, a high profit trading strategy
  • The pinhead, a reversal trading strategy
  • Handling different type of trading scenarios.
  • Ways of protecting your profit and capital.
  • Recording your trade journal.
  • Growing your capital.

Email Coaching

Our email coaching approach is dependence on your needs.

We’ll guide you along the way and help you through the phases, but should you need more attention on certain areas, we’ll spend more time there. We’ll continue to support you, until you are confident and ready to do it on your own.

All you’ve to do is follow our coaching instructions and take mini steps toward your goal.

  • Opening your trading account.
  • Setting up the trading platform.
  • Getting your trading plan in order.
  • Trading in the simulation environment.
  • Playing with monopoly money to gain experience without risk.
  • Practice placing orders and handling trades.
  • Trading in live environment with real money.
  • Confirmation support and trading advice.
  • Graduation.
We start small, risk small and stably grow from there.
When we lose, you lose small. When we win, we win big.
Even with more losing trades than winning trades. we still make profits in the long run.

Alex Chia:

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