One-To-One Coaching

Exclusive Membership
One-To-One Consulting
  • 6 Weeks Coaching Program, From Zero to Action in 6 Weeks
  • One-To-One Video Conferencing via Zoom, Skype, etc
  • Learn How to Invest and Trade Properly with Minimum Risk
  • Learn How to Avoid All the Costly Mistakes
  • Discover the Different Type of Investing and Trading Strategies
  • Receive Alex's Dividend Investing and Dow Jones Day Trading Plan
  • We Help You Create Your Own Investing and Trading Plan
  • If Need Be, We'll Help You to Setup a Trading and Investing Account
  • We'll Test to Make Sure You Trading and Investment Strategy Works
  • We'll Guide You Along As You Trade
  • You'll Get a Proven Working Trading and Investing Plan In 6 Weeks