Counter – The counter name used in the exchange.

Symbol – The code used in the exchange to identify the counter.

Status – The current situation of the Setup.
Setup = All prices are set. Waiting for the market price movement.
Expired = Market price moves below the Stop Price. The Setup is no longer valid.
Triggered = Market price moves above the Entry Price. Buy Action is triggered.

On – The date where the status was set.

Grade – How good is this setup?
 A = Best Setup. Lowest entry price with great profit margin.
 B = Good Setup. Low entry price with good profit margin.
 C = Average Setup. Average entry price with average profit margin.

Dividend – Percentage of the dividend paid this year.

Entry – Buy when market price goes above the set entry price.

Stop – Sell to cut loss when market price goes below the set stop price.

Target – Sell to take profit when market price goes above set target price.

Risk – Percentage loss for this trade, if sell at stop loss price.

Reward – Percentage gain for this trade, if sell at target price.