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Alex Chia:

“Wow, Alex! How did you do that?” Ask James, an old friend of mine.

I was confused, so I asked back, “What do you mean?”

“Your investment! How did you build an investment portfolio that grows and still gives good dividend returns at the same time? That’s great. I want to learn that, could you teach me?”

At that moment, all I could do was smile and shared my investment strategy with him. I’ve been investing and trading for many year and this is part of my life.

I thought to myself.

How did I got started from a newbie, who knew nothing about investing, to a profitable investor, who builds investment portfolio and trade the futures?

I learned these the hard way, through many years of study, mistakes, trials and errors.

Through the years, I had bought great companies at rock bottom prices and sold them at the peak.

I build investment portfolio that grows and gives high dividend returns at the same time.

I traded in the futures market, excuting low risk, high rewarding trades.

If you’re here, reading this page, then you probably are someone who wants to earn more and be more, for your family and yourself. Whatever reason that brought you here, I welcome you.

I created the Alpha Investor Course so that I can help people to build their wealth and generate income.

Trading is simple, but not easy.

When I was a newbie, I naively thought that trading is easy. All you have to do is click a few buttons and you’ll make money. But this is not true. Yes, trading is simple, just click a few buttons and you’re already trading. But to win in trading and investing, that is not easy.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

To be successful in trading and investing, you’ll need the right knowledge, a proven investment plan and lots of discipline.

Why 95% of all investors fail? Because they lack the knowledge, a plan or discipline.

Some may started off okay in the beginning, but end up losing everything in the end.

Some thought they knew enough, but got wiped out by things that they don’t know.

Others got distracted by new products that are worthless or new strategies that don’t work.

If you don’t have the right knowledge, have no plan or no patience, you are going to make mistakes, again and again. This is reality.

But things don’t have to be like this.

Why I created the Alpha Investor Course?

This isn’t just about making money, it’s about having a better life, a life full of abundance and free from financial worries.

Wouldn’t it be great if you've the skill to grow your wealth and generate income?

I decided to create Alpha Investor Course after discovering these:

Have you encountered these situations before?

You saw a great investment opportunity, but for some reason, you didn’t take action. After missing it, it turned out to be one of the best investment you ever saw. You had let an opportunity pass you by.

Or maybe you had brought a great counter, but you sold it off too early because someone had gotten into your head and influenced your decision. You ended up letting go of a great investment prematurely and regretting it later.

Or you wanted to buy a counter, but you received mix signals from everyone. Some tell you to buy, some tell you to sell and others tell you to hold. You got confused and ended up making all the wrong decisions.

If you encounter these before, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, every single one of us.

Stop missing opportunities that could improve our lives.

You know what’s the difference between a winning investor and a losing investor?

The winning investor has the correct knowledge, a proven investment plan and the discipline to follow through his plan.

Are you ready to be this person?

DBS investment between 2008 and 2020. Capital grew from $10,000 to $34,437.
Apple investment between 2008 and 2020. Capital grew from US$10,000 to US$52,868.

Our investment plan is tested and proven.

Trading and investing is a way of building wealth and generating income. It may not be the conventional way, but it’s a legitimate and noble way to financial freedom.

People who are financially free have more time with their loved ones and do the things they love.

Being free from financial worries and not having to rely on others, is a skill that can change your life.

If you’ve the fear of losing your job or having no income after retirement, then these might be the most important skills to you than you think. I’m going to show you that by proper trading and investing, you can gain the lifestyle that you always wanted.

Welcome to Alpha Investor Course

In 1999, I opened my first trading account. Back then, I didn’t know anything about investing or trading, so I just buy any-o-how. Whatever counters I came across, I bought them without thinking much.

Just like what you can expected, I loss all my capital to the market.

One day, I made the decision to change the way I trade and invest.

I learned through the hard way, lots of mistakes, trials and errors. 

I invested in stocks, REITs, and ETFs; from various exchanges, from Singapore to Hong Kong to US.

In 2012, I became a full-time futures trader, trading Dow Jones Index, Gold, Crude Oil and other futures contracts.

Slowly but surely, spotting investment and trading opportunities became easy to me.

Later, I internalized what I learned and created my own investment plan, which is the combination of both my best trading and investment strategy to achieve Alpha.

Today, I specialize in building profitable investment portfolio and trading futures.

By the way, you can do these too.

All these are learnable. What you need is just the right education and a little bit of guidance.

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can grow your wealth and generate income.

STI ETF investment between 2009 and 2020. Capital grew from $10,000 to $28,590.
Meta investment between 2013 and 2020. Capital grew from US$10,000 to US$63,738.

What is Alpha Investor Course?

Alpha Investor Course is a step-by-step guide to successfully trading and investing; Investing in the stock market and trading in the futures market. It includes video lessons and exercises.

All you’ve to do is watch the videos, do the exercises and follow the instructions.

In this course, you'll learn to...

Even if you’re a newbie, have no knowledge on investing or trading, we can still guide you along the way. Our Alpha Investor Course is designed for beginners.

When you join us, you’ll be a member for life. As we improve and grow our curriculum, you’ll continue to have full access to all our content. You can watch our videos as many times as you like. There is no limit.




Profitable Investor and Trader


Online Videos and Exercises

Learn to invest in...


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Learn to trade...

Dow Jones Index


Crude Oil

Traded Gold with $1,053 and made a profit of $1,367, a 130% return.
Traded Crude Oil with $1,140 and made a profit of $1,774, a return of 156%.

What's inside the Alpha Investor Course?

Alpha Investor Course is a 7 part modular program, designed to help you get started with investing and trading; investing in the stock market and trading in the futures market. You can go through the lessons as in the recommended order or jump to the section that interest you most.

The videos ranged between between 3 and 20 minutes. They’re structured from the most basic to the most complex. All you’ve to do is watch them accordingly and take mini steps towards your goal.

  • Trading vs investing
  • Centralized vs Decentralized Market
  • Different Type of Financial products
  • Your Personality Type and Investment Style
  • Investment Traps and Pitfalls
  • Opening a Trading Account
  • Getting Information
  • Non-Quantitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Reading Financial Reports
  • Key Statistic Data
  • Basics of Chart Reading
  • Chart Indicators
  • Reading Candlesticks and Price Action
  • Understanding Dow Theory
  • Predicting Price Movement
  • Trend Trading
  • Reversal Trading
  • Breakout Trading
  • Zone Trading
  • Pattern Trading
  • Pin Bar Trading
  • Value Investing
  • Contrarian Investing
  • Dividend Investing
  • Penny Investing
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Goal and General Information
  • Our Investment Strategy and Tactics
  • Setups and Trade Management
  • Trade Journal and Review
  • Capital Allocation and Management
  • Basics of the Futures Market
  • Opening a Futures Trading Account
  • Our Trading Strategy and Tactics
  • Setups and Trade Management
  • Trade Journal and Review

How to become a member of Alpha Investor Course?

To cover the entire course on a one to one coaching, it can take up to 3 months and a $6,000 investment.

Our course is more valuable as we cover both trading and investing, plus a proven investment plan.

As we are still in a pre-launch phase, we decided to offer this entire course for just $594!

This is 90% off the initial valued price.

We now offer our Alpha Investor Course in an easy monthly payment. Get it for just 6 payments of $99 per month!

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So, if you’re interested in our Alpha Investor Course, just click on the button below to join us now!

Our Guarantee to You

We want to make sure that this is what you really want.

So we’re going to give you this awesome guarantee.

You can try our program for 60 days and if you feel that this is not for you, you can request for a refund and we'll return all your investment 100%, no question asked.

You don’t need to fill up any complicated form or answer any question.

There is no risk for you here.

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