Get the Strategy for Day Trading Dow Jones Futures and Start Generating Fast Profits for Yourself

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It's very difficult to generate income trading, don't you think?

Does this sound familiar?

You learned many trading strategies. You tried them all, but they rearly make money and even if they do, the amount is not enough for a living.

You wonder what when wrong or are you missing anything. When are you going to start getting result?


You read every articles and watch every videos about successful trading online.

You are eager to start, but you are still very confused. You don't know where to start and how to start. You worried that you will make a big mistake and lose your hard earn cash.

Why do some people succeed

Hi, I'm Alex Chia and I've been trading for over 20 years now.

I started in 1999, when online trading was at its infancy. Investing and trading has been my life ever since. Today I invest in Singapore Stocks and trade Dow Jones Futures.

Having traded all sorts of financial products; stocks, forex, CFDs, and futures. Also tried different type of strategies; trends, breakouts, zones and reversals. I spend years sharpening skills. In time, I've a proven day trading strategy for Dow Jones Futures.

I'm about to share with you my trading system.

What's the problem? Why do some traders make it so easy and others struggle like hell?

How is these people doing it?
HINT: Don't watch what they do, watch what they are not doing...

What the Successful Traders are NOT doing...

They're NOT stress about trading, and constantly worry about how their trades are performing, and keep watching their trades like a hawk. They are very relax and layback.

They're NOT spending hours monitoring their positions. They know will make money in the long-run, even the current trade is not doing well.

They're NOT trying different strategies and trading multiple products. In fact, they are very focused, only concentrate on what's work for them and nothing else.

They're definitely NOT confused and running around wondering if their strategy works or not. They've confident that their strategy works and they've proof to back it up.

Wouldn't it be nice if you know that your strategy works? All you have to do is just follow your trading rules, click a few buttons and start generating profit for yourself?

Keep reading, the good news is you are about to find out the secret. The bad news is you maybe a long way away from doing that.

The Secret to Successful Trading: How the Top 5% Make Their Mark
Below is the secret to how successful traders generate maximum profit from their trades and how they can easily scale up their returns with no extra effort.
(P.S. You probably know about this, just don't know how powerful it is.)
  1. 1
    They educate themselves with various trading techniques and strategies
  2. 2
    They select a strategy that suits them the most
  3. 3
    They develop a trading system with low risks and high returns 
  4. 4
    They test the system to make sure it works 
  5. 5
    They further sharpen their skill by trading on simulation 
  6. 6
    They go live, starting small and slowly grow their capital 
  7. 7
    Their capital grow to substantial size and they start withdraw cash for their living 
Sound Easy Right?
Here's Why You Can't Do It Yourself
The problem is, everyone who started out has no idea how far are they from the end goal. Unless you are lots of time, money and resources, else you are simply out of reach. Here's why...
1. You don't have time

To become a good trader, you need at least 6 to 10 years of experience. Unless you have minimum 6 years of trading experience, you are a long way from profitability.

2. You don't know what to trade

In order to start, you need to know the different type of trading products, what to trade and what to avoid. Do you have the knowledge to choose the right product? Hint: Forex is not the right product to trade.

3. You don't have a trading system

The secret here is not knowing all the different type of trading strategy. But to develop your own trading system. This is hard for many new traders.

4. You don't know how to manage your trade

You can't just start trading, you must also know how to handle trade conflicts. How to reduce your losses and maximize your profits.

5. You don't have the Proof-of-Strategy

Having a strategy, doesn't meant it will work. The key is to have the proof-of-strategy, a proven strategy that you know will work. How do you get a proof-of-strategy? Through years and years of testing.

The Result?

You are stuck where you are

If you are ready to move on... I've a solution for you.
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Part 1
Build A Strong Foundations

Learn the fundamentals, keep what is important and skip the non-essentals. Develop your trader's mindset, so that you can withstand market volatility and trade with ease.

Part 2
Enticipate The Market Before It Moves

Learn to read chart correctly and see the market with clarity. Has the foresight to see the market movement in the future.

Part 3
Discover The World Of Multiple Trading Strategies

A compliation of all the different type of trading strategies used in the industry. Know what other traders are doing and how they are doing it.

Part 4
Develop Your Trade Plan

Create your own trading plan. Put your trading rules into black and white. Finalised your trading strategy.

Part 5
Get A Proven Futures Trading Strategy

Receive a trading strategy that is proven to work over years of trading. Discover how it works and why it works.

Part 6
Advance Strategies To Increase Your Chance Of Success

Use our advance strategies to further enhance your trading result. Increase your profit and reduce your risk at the same time.

Part 7
Manage Your Trades And Reduce Your Risk

Learn how to manage trade conflicts. Backtest and improve your trading strategy to develop your own proven trading strategy.

Part 8
Grow Your Capital

We show you how to manage your capital, grow your wealth and when to take profits. Learn the correct way to stably grow your capital and wealth.

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Finding a strategy to work for you can be frustrating and confusing. In our Premium Membership, you has access to our Alpha Dow Trader's Dow Jones Futures, Day Trading Strategy. This is more important than you think.
You could develop your own trading startegy...

However, this is time consuming and if you got it wrong, not only that you don't make money, you end up wasting lots of time. It's extremely hard to go back and start all over again. You'll end up wasting lots of time, money and effort.

The problem is, you need a proven working strategy in order to start making money. How do you know a strategy will work or not?

The successful traders already have a proven working strategies. They don't need to guess like everyone else.
You could use our proven day trading strategy...

In Alpha Dow Trader, you don't have to worry about developing your own strategy or having the wrong strategy. We'll give you a proven strategy that I know will work for you.

It took me many years form me to developed this startegy, tested it and make sure it works. Even today, I use this strategy for my daily trades.

So, how long does it takes to have a successful strategy?
How long it takes depends on how much time, effort and resources you put into it. These are just estimations...


Strategy Development

Strategy Testing

Trade Plan

Trade Review


Time to Start

Do it yourself

2 - 3 Years

1 - 2 Years

2 - 3 Years

Do it yourself

Do it yourself


5 - 8 Years

Total Cost

Alpha Dow Trader


Already done

Already tested

Done for you

Do it together

Weekly and email

6 Weeks

Total Cost

The question now you need to ask yourself...
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Alpha Dow Trader can help you make up for lost time and speed up your success.

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Alpha Dow Trading Results
2016 Trade Result
From USD 10,000
Profit USD 34,026
2017 Trade Result
From USD 10,000
Profit USD 21,295
2018 Trade Result
From USD 10,000
Profit USD 48,519
2019 Trade Result
From USD 10,000
Profit USD 42,759
30 day money back guarantee
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