About Alex Chia

Hi, I am Alex Chia, an individual with a passion for trading and investing. I specialized in Day Trading in Dow Jones Futures and Investing in Singapore Stocks. I believe that everyone should learn how to invest and grow of their own wealth. 

Nobody cares about your money more than you do, so don’t let others hold your money and control your future. Good investment and wealth building come from correct knowledge, patience and experience guidance. You must take charge of your own destiny.

With this website, I am excited to start a conversation with you. Learn more about you and help you develop a great program that can achieve your financial goals.

Alex's Journey

Open my first trading account
Start Investing In The SG Stock Market
Start Trading Forex
Start AlexTrades.com as Trade Journal


Start Trading the Futures Market

Convert AlexTrades.com into an Education Website

About AlexTrades.com

This website mission is to provide great program to help the members achieve trading-investment success.

AlexTrades was created by Alex Chia in 2010. Back then this website was a trade Journal and recording of his trades and investment.

In 2020, this website will evolve into a membership website that focus on trading and investing. We aim to help our members achieve trading-investment success, by providing an e-learning platform for investing and trading.