About Alex Chia

Hi, my name is Alex Chia. I’m a futures trader and a dividend investor.

Back in 1999, I started my trading journey and in 2001, I made my very first major loss.

Because of this, I started picking up courses, books and videos on trading and investing. That was a hard and confusing times. I made a lot more mistakes and blew my account at least two more times.

It was not until 2010, when things start to make sense to me. I can see clearer, make better decision and sort of, able to predict where the market is going. My trades get better. Slowly, I break even and eventually, turns a profit.

To be clear, I’m not a millionaire. I’m not rich in anyway, I don’t have a Degree in Finance, nor I ever worked in any major financial company. I don’t consider myself a professional trader, but I’m a good retail trader. Everything I learned, were through the School of Hard Knocks and experiences.

Today, I trade the E-Mini Dow Jones Futures and invest into REITs. These are my expertises and focus.

About AlexTrades.com

AlexTrades.com was initially my trading blog and my trade journal. It was meant to record all my trades and ideas. However, I like to change it into something more.

AlexTrades.com is an education website for traders and investors. Focusing on Futures Trading and Dividend Investing, this website will show you how to trade properly and generate consistent income. It’ll also shows you have to build a strong investment portfolio and growth your wealth. Stay tune for the transformation of this website.